The Online Learning Experience

Missouri Star School uses technology to connect court-involved youth to "distance" or online learning.  Referrals are made by Missouri Division of Youth Services (DYS) or family court staff when students are unable to attend local schools due to Safe Schools violations, long-term suspension or treatment determinations.

A personalized education plan is developed for each student to meet his/her education goals.  A varied curriculum is available for students to recover or accrue credits toward a high school diploma, earn an equivalency diploma, and/or work toward a National Career Readiness Certificate.  In addition, students may seek assistance to improve their performance on college entrance exams.  

Students are assigned a Gmail account through the Star program and then enrolled in one of several online learning platforms best-suited to their goals and needs. These programs are web-based and require no special computer downloads or software purchases. All work is completed, submitted and graded through the program in which they are enrolled.

Star staff are grade-level and content-area certified teachers who communicate regularly with students to provide assistance, support and encouragement in completing their coursework and meeting their learning goals.  Students are provided staff emails and cell phone numbers and are encouraged to communicate however the choose/prefer—email, Hangouts, call or text.

In our experience, students are most successful when they have someone —a family member, juvenile officer, caseworker or juvenile officer—available in their home or community to provide a human connection and offer personal support, guidance, encouragement and tutoring.



Learning Coach
• Lives in same community as student, interested in their success, helps keep student goal-oriented
• Learning Coaches visit students regularly


Highly Qualified Teachers
• Develop learning plans, teach new material, check for understanding, assign grades.
• Teachers contact students primarily using online communication tools, text and phone.
• Grade level and content specific teachers for each course


Community Connection
• Partner with local schools, treatment providers, and support services to address student needs.
• Encourage student positive involvement in the community.

What We Provide

Missouri Star School Program is a no-cost program to families, students or school districts.

Our courses are taught by certified grade-level and content-area teachers.

Teachers communicate regularly with students and are readily available to help with personalized study plans and lessons. 

A wide-spectrum curriculum helps students earn credits for a high school diploma, certificate of high school equivalence, and/or National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). 

Local support team members provide a human connection through personal support, guidance, encouragement and tutoring. 

Our Students

Missouri Star School Program students are typically high-school aged or about to complete eighth grade. 

Education goals of students may be short- or long-term. 

Missouri Star School Program provides a way to fulfill secondary education requirements earning credits toward graduation or preparing for the HiSET test (equivalence diploma).

Students are permitted to continue in the program after they are discharged from DYS supervision. 

Students do not “age out” of enrollment eligibility and may return as adults to work with the program as long as they are progressing.

When students with disabilities returns to their home districts (LEA), the Star Program can partner with the district’s IEP team to provide regular education support.

Other Agency Referrals

The Missouri Star School Program was developed to target the needs of the DYS population.

Other court-involved youth can be a part of the program’s service population. 

Missouri Star School Program provides a staff, structure, and philosophy that are equipped to address the needs of other court-involved students.